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Jill loves to be a part of Brantford’s growth, helping people in our beautiful community find a place to call home. 

With over 19 years of real estate experience under her belt, Broker Jill Plant offers an exceptionally smooth and successful Residential Listing Package that makes it easy for sellers from start to finish. Jill's experience and substantial network allows her to utilize a back end client database that connects buyers searching for houses with criteria matching your home.  Jill has a real skill for matching sellers with buyers, in a hurry. 





Jill Plant - Listing Package

• Comparative Overview of Market  

• Signage  

• Coming Soon Campaign (prior to MLS listing)  

• Professional Photographer and Videographer - Ongoing for projects

• Multiple Ad Campaigns on social media - Facebook and Instagram

• Concierge and Company Support 

• MLS Listing  

• Tracking Reports  

• Pocket Registry to buyers & investors 

• YouTube Commercial Pop Ups ongoing during active listing

• High End Brochures and Financial Sheets 

• Door to Door Cold Calling - Pounding the pavement  

• Ads ads and more ads!

I can’t stress enough how much this is an integral part of filling vacancies. Coupling top notch advertising & photography/videography paired with our market-tested ads, all indicators show that this technique will gain the maximum exposure needed to fill the vacancies faster than the average, at top dollar.


Open Communication and Availability To You - Call/Text/Email

• 17 Years Experience & Knowledge as a Licensed Realtor 

• Expert Negotiating Skills 

• Honest & Ethical Workmanship 

 "I like making people happy and walking away knowing that both people are in a winning situation. Being a part of people’s most significant decision and largest purchase is humbling."


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